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Guaranteed Entry into an Undergraduate Program

IAC offers a one-year program designed for those who have either completed Grade 11 prior to admission, or have met Ontario’s high school graduation requirements but wish to continue in high school for one or more year to upgrade Grade 12 course grades.

The University Guaranteed Pathway program customizes each student’s study plan and includes additional tutorials and language preparation. This is a holistic program which focuses not only on the student’s studies, but also building a successful lifestyle for the student to move forward into university. IAC will help each student identify his or her personal interests and activate them into defined and achievable goals.


Who is Eligible?

The University Guaranteed Pathway program is available to domestic and international students who have completed up to Grade 11 in high school. Eligible students must enroll in IAC’s full time program and pass the relevant admission test, or be granted a deferral by an approved education institution.

What is Guaranteed?

Every student in the Pathway program is guaranteed the following:

  • Personal Study Advisor

A personal advisor is assigned to each student in the Pathway program. Pathway advisors help each assigned student customize a study plan that is right for them, based on the student’s real interests. After getting to know the student in an orientation session, the advisor will assist him or her with choosing the right combination of courses moving forward.

  • Small Student-Teacher Ratio

The maximum student-teacher ratio in the Pathway program is five students to every one teacher. Our 5:1 maximum ratio ensures that our teachers have an adequate opportunity to learn the individual strengths and interests of each student in the program. That way our Pathway teachers provide the right support and guidance that is tailored to each student’s individual needs.

  • Extracurricular Planning Service

IAC provides each Pathway student access to a trained education professional who will assist with setting up extracurricular activities. Social and community volunteer activities will help the student gain a better understanding of the new social environment in Canada while providing fulfilling opportunities to give back to the community. University admissions also appreciate and usually require applicants’ inclusion of extracurricular activities. IAC students’ activities range from volunteer positions at Transcare Canada, Meals on Wheels, and other community assistance programs, to social activities arranged by the school.

How Do I Start?

Please contact IAC directly to receive your application package.

Please note that some courses will require a presentation of the student’s transcript to demonstrate prerequisites. This information can be sent by email to Guidance