The Benefits of an IAC Education

IAC is dedicated to providing a quality level of education for each and every student. Our Ontario Certified Teachers provide course material that is both educational and entertaining, assessments that guide every student toward the best possible grade, and a devoted staff to help with your personalized learning goals.

The option to study online or onsite offers a great advantage for students.

IAC’s full-time onsite program enables students to get the best from a Canadian high school education while engaging with a diverse group of mentors and peers. For students who are new to Canada, our school provides the necessary tools and support to make a smooth transition into Canadian life.

IAC’s online students have access to material anytime, anywhere. This means:

  • Setting your own schedule and choosing your study location to fit your needs.
  • A wider range of course material that may not be available in other traditional high school curricula.
  • Developing a strong sense of personal direction and self-motivation, with the help of IAC’s online resources and Always Available Assistant.
  • Preparing for the increasingly online-focussed setting of education in the world’s best post-secondary institutions.

Further benefits of IAC’s courses include:

  • Comprehensive and personalized feedback on course material to guide your understanding and performance in each course.
  • Access to Ontario Certified Teachers who are here to provide you with the best high school education available in Canada.
  • Online courses require minimal hardware investment and utilize Canvas, a world-class education platform used by many post-secondary institutions.
  • Quick response from teachers.