Our Story

IAC came into being with the intention of being a school for international students who wanted to study within Canada’s educational system. Our school developed a style of education intended to bridge the language barrier and help students learn and do well within this program. Additionally, students from a variety of different countries can now earn a world-recognized Canadian high school diploma through IAC’s online or onsite course offerings.

Our school differs from other private schools as we combine a rich educational program alongside extracurricular activities. We believe that striking a balance between these two areas of development is essential for personal and professional advancement.

One such program that we offer is EVOLVE  (Experience, Venture Outward, Lead, Volunteer, Empower). This program is exclusively designed to enhance our students’ social connectivity. This program pairs our students with volunteer opportunities to allow them to make a difference in our society. Each student is encouraged to pursue an area of interest and find a social cause that matters to him or her. Opportunities may include providing assistance to locations that have been impacted by natural disasters, helping endangered species, or a variety of other options. Students in this program will receive the opportunity to participate in a variety of trips to help enhance their personal and educational development.

Another development that IAC is very proud of is the J.C. Fields Program. This program is modeled after the renowned Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields and encourages the students to develop a deep interest and love for mathematics. IAC is intent on developing the mathematical abilities in students by having them participate in a competitive arena to increase their aptitude. We believe that this platform will allow students to reach new plateaus of success within their educational pursuits.

Finally, IAC is the first and only school to offer a direct and personalized connection to both teachers and teaching assistants. Our creative efforts will help students learn through a flexible environment with the ability to reach someone between the hours of 12pm to 8pm. IAC is dedicated to teaching secondary students within a learning style that parallels the expectations of university helping them gain acceptance to those institutions as well as helping them to prepare for that level of education.