Choose your own space, set your own pace

Most major colleges and universities now offer courses and degrees that can be completed entirely online. Workplaces are also turning more to online modes of collaboration and remote work. It’s more important now for students to familiarize themselves with these new ways of working both individually and in teams. IAC’s online program introduces students to the online learning environment as a flexible and innovative alternative to the traditional classroom.

IAC is fully compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Education standards, but we do more than just getting students into top colleges and universities in Canada and abroad. Our flexible, innovative program prepares students for success in all dimensions of life after high school. From getting a coveted work placement to earning a full scholarship, IAC is there to empower every student to reach his or her personal goals.

IAC’s online students have a range of choices from onsite or virtual courses in Grades 9-12 mathematics and science, arts and humanities, key language courses, history and geography, and health and physical education. Students enrolled in our virtual high school also have access to course offerings that would not typically be available in the traditional high school curriculum. Online registration and completion can be done at the student’s own pace and convenience.

Online Support

Support is available to our students 24 hours with our Always Available Assistant (AAA) program. This program, designed as a real-time chat feature, provides immediate and helpful feedback to student and parent questions with the simple click of the Always Available Assistant icon.

How Do I Start?

Please contact IAC directly to receive your application package.

Please note that some courses will require a presentation of the student’s transcript to demonstrate prerequisites. This information can be sent by email to Guidance