Program Lists

Canada’s Fur Trade Adventure Game

This educational game combines the Ontario course curriculum of Physical Education and History. Students will firstly receive a brief lesson about the different roles and participants of the 17th Century Northwest Company of Canada. The group will be divided into small teams and will search for an Indigenous village to trade their manufactured European goods for furs.

Focus: Leadership, Curriculum (Physical Education, History)

Individual Kayaking

This outdoor adventure allows campers to work individually. Students will firstly learn proper kayaking strokes. Campers will then apply those skills and get a chance to discover the lake while playing kayaking games which include tag or sharks and minnows.

A school supervisor will be present during this activity.

Focus: Leadership, Recreation

Crafting with Nature

This activity allows campers to explore an activity connected to History and Arts & Craft curriculum. Students will firstly examine the natural world around them and use those very items to create works of art. Items such as leaves, bark, rocks, feathers, twigs are just some of the items that students will use to create an outdoor sculpture or scene.

Focus: Recreation, Curriculum (Art, History)

One-of-a-Kind Arts & Crafts

Ontario’s History and Arts & Craft curriculum inspire this activity as campers are encouraged to use their imagination to create unique works of art. Students can let their creativity run wild to see what their inventiveness inspires.

Focus: Recreation, Curriculum (History and Arts & Crafts)

Adventure & Challenge Obstacle Course

Students will get to apply many skills learned over the week when attempting this circuit-style obstacle course. Campers will work in teams and move through a series of challenges to earn resources that will need to be used for the final activity. This event is filled combines high-energy tasks with exciting and enjoyable action for all participants. Team work is crucial in this challenge.

Focus: Leadership, Recreation

Bow & Arrow Skills

Physical Education and History are central to this activity as campers will learn the skills necessary to use a bow and arrow. Facilitators will help students learn about form and technique to help them improve their accuracy.

Participants are supervised by a facilitator at all times. A school supervisor will also be present during this activity.

Focus: Recreation, Curriculum (Physical Education & History)

Party on the Beach

Campers will get a chance to enjoy some recreational time with a party at the sites Second Beach, a private sandy beach. Sports such as beach volleyball, Frisbee, beach games and swimming may be available.

Lifeguards will be on duty during open swimming options. A school supervisor will also be present during this activity.

Focus: Recreation

Camp Fire

A warm cozy campfire will greet campers after a day filled with fun and learning. Students can decide if they want to participate in drama games, storytelling, singing or just looking at the stars.

Focus: Recreation

Climbing Challenge

Students will get a change to apply their Physics and Math skills to the variety of climbing towers that exist at this facility.

“The Phoenix”

This is a new addition to the campsite which allows campers to climb or rappel down to the tower.

“The Apex”

This wall is a vertical wall, allowing campers to test their agility and strength.

“Inverse Incline Wall”

For those with previous climbing experience this wall actually leans over!

“Rappel Wall”

Students will climb this wall but will also get the chance to rappel down with the help of a trained facilitator to ensure the safety of all campers.

A school supervisor will be present during this activity.

Focus: Recreation, Leadership, Curriculum (Physics, Math)

Hiking under the Stars

Campers will get the opportunity to take in in Bark Lake at night. This exercise builds on a variety of curriculum subjects, such as Physical Education, History, Geography, Science, Art. This hike will include some games, story-telling and getting to enjoy the many sounds of Ontario’s nature.

A school supervisor will be present during this activity.

Focus: Recreation, Curriculum (Physical Education, History, Geography, Science, Art)


These variety of activities are related to the curriculum subject of Geography. Campers will learn about compass, map and photo orienteering. These activities will develop into more challenging tasks as students acquire skill with these orienteering tools. Student will also learn about using GPS, entering coordinates and travelling to a specific location as assigned during their task. Finally, the last event in this category will have campers searching for a Missing Snack.

Focus: Leadership, Recreation, Curriculum (Geography)

Low Ropes Course

Physical Education motivates this activity as students will work together to get through this course. Trust and teamwork are imperative in this activity.

An attending supervisor must accompany students during the activity.

Focus: Leadership, Recreation, Curriculum (Physical Education)

High Ropes Challenge

Campers will apply curriculum standards found in Physics and Physical Education. Students will use a harness to complete these high rope tasks. ACCT certified practitioners and Bark Lake facilitators will lead this activity.

Focus: Leadership, Recreation, Curriculum (Physics, Physical Education)

Hike & Learn

Campers will apply subject knowledge from Physical Education, History, Science, Geography during their exploration of Haliburton Highlands. Students will get to see bogs, beaver dams and lichen beds as they discover the woods. Games and hands-on learning will also be incorporated within this event. Students can also choose to cook their lunch over the fire.

Focus: Recreation, Curriculum (Physical Education, History, Science, Geography)