J.C. Fields Growing Program

John Charles Fields was one of Canada’s most prominent mathematicians and the founder of the Fields Medal for outstanding achievement in mathematics. Fields made it his life’s work to promote the education of mathematics in Canada and to establish strong provincial and national support for mathematics learning and research. He focused specifically on encouraging excellence in mathematics among young and bright minds of Canada.

The J.C. Fields Olympiad Selection Program encourages high school students in the Greater Toronto Area to develop their understanding and abilities in mathematics and physics in a competitive environment. Students in the program receive an initial phase of training directed at competing as a mathematics and/or physics Olympiad. Students in this program will have an exciting opportunity to exercise their learned skills in a dynamic and social context.

Who can join the J.C. Fields Program?

The J.C. Fields program is available to students in IAC’s full time Grades 9-12 and Pathway program.

Why join the Program?

Math ability is not determined at birth. Every child can become a “math person.”

The J.C. Fields program empowers students to love math and science by tapping into the most creative and dynamic aspects of these subjects. The program is led by Ontario Certified Teachers according to Ontario Curriculum guidelines, but J.C. Fields students have the chance to go deeper than the standard high school requirements. Each student in the program will be encouraged to explore topics at various levels of complexity while improving confidence in his or her logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Students who take the J.C. Fields Olympiad training will be better equipped to receive higher level training and entry into mathematics competitions including the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest, but medals are not the sole purpose of this program. This is a program that breaks down any intimidation surrounding math and science, and allows students to unlock the most interesting foundations of STEM subjects.

How Do I Start?

Please contact IAC directly to receive your application package.

Please note that some courses will require a presentation of the student’s transcript to demonstrate prerequisites. This information can be sent by email to Guidance