A galaxy far, far away has never felt this close.

Studying abroad is a big decision for students and parents. The school should be a safe and nurturing place for students get to get engaged with their new environment. IAC strives to provide both shelter and motivation for students by dividing our mission into four principles; Studying, Living, Connecting, and Developing.


IAC offers a range of courses approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The selection of courses provides every student with the freedom to tailor his or her timetable to suit specific academic goals. Core subjects and elective courses combine to provide the essential skills each student needs for a successful academic future and professional career.

IAC provides a small student-teacher ratio so that every student receives the necessary attention, support, and feedback for an optimal result. Students are also provided with personal computers and uniforms as necessary and according to their specific needs.


Every full time IAC student is provided with a safe and comfortable living environment to ensure full focus on studies and personal development. Our student residences provide several key benefits to make every student feel at home:

  • Daily opportunities to engage with a diverse, multicultural peer and mentor group, form meaningful bonds, and make lifelong friends.
  • Access to 24-hour emergency support that guarantees employee arrival at the residence within 20 minutes of any call. In the case of an incident we will be there.
  • Personalized care for every student according to individual needs such as dietary needs, considerations according to the student’s religious needs, or other personal needs as specified.
  • Special care is provided for younger students. Moving away from home can be more challenging for students at a younger age. IAC recognizes the special attention needed by younger students who may experience homesickness or other challenges of adjusting to the new environment.
  • Total student care services including airport pickup, helping students settle into the new residence, assisting with setting up new bank and phone accounts, and every detail that should be expected from a responsible guardian.
  • Domestic assistance services including laundry service, room cleaning, and even wake up reminders.
  • School bus transportation service including transport to and from school, supermarket trips, and events/trips held by the school.

Staying connected is very important to every parent and student attending IAC full-time. The Full Time and Pathway programs both provide a 24 hour connection plan to enable constant communication between students and parents. Whether it’s just to talk about your day or discuss next semester’s course selection, IAC will make sure the line is always open for communication.


An empowering education is not just about achieving excellent grades. IAC also encourages students to aim and achieve high in the extracurricular areas that universities and employers look for in an outstanding application. From the Mathematics Olympiad program, to meaningful volunteer work, to gaining strong letters of recommendation, IAC enables each student to build a profile that is both personally and academically rewarding. This dimension of school life and guidance is an important part of our full-time and university pathway program.

How Do I Start?

Please contact IAC directly to receive your application package.

Please note that some courses will require a presentation of the student’s transcript to demonstrate prerequisites. This information can be sent by email to Guidance