Who will be my teacher?

IAC will inform you of who your teacher will be when you start the course. You will have the same teacher throughout the duration of the course. All IAC teachers are certified teachers. Students can contact their teacher at any time through the Canvas email. Teachers will also hold virtual office hours, 3 days a week / 1 hour on those designated days. Students can also arrange to chat with teachers for a time that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

  • How long does it take for assessments to be graded?

Assignments are read, reviewed and written feedback is provided. An assignment may take about 3 days to return to students. Some courses have longer written assignments, such as the English department, and this may be returned within 5 days. Please contact you teacher directly for a better idea of their specific timeline or to discuss any questions you have about assignments.

  • How do I communicate with my teacher?

The primary form of contact with your IAC teacher is via email. You can arrange a telephone call, online chats or video conferencing if you would like. Teachers log in daily to respond to student emails to address questions or concerns.

How long does it take to process a student’s registration?

Once IAC has received the official registration and all the necessary documents have been provided to the school, the program will become open in 1 business day. Please note that there will be requests for identification, transcripts and school fees. All those documents must be received before IAC can open the course to the student. An email will be sent updating students about how they can start the course after the paperwork has been processed.

How do Students and Parents contact the teacher?

Our online course platform, Canvas, has an integrated email system, making it easy for students and parents to contact the IAC teacher directly.

Does IAC have a refund credit policy?

It is important that when a student registers that they are ready to complete the course because the fee is non-refundable. Please be mindful that Insight Academy of Canada does not provide refunds. When a student enrols in the school, our team begins working immediately. The registration process typically involves creating an account for the student, processing the enrolment forms, assigning a teacher to deliver the course and updating the Ministry of Ontario about the new enrolment which are just a few of the procedures that begin upon registration.  This work begins immediately demonstrating why we have a non-refund policy. Should the student not begin the course, that work has already been completed by our administration staff demonstrating why the fee is not refundable.

What is your course transfer policy?

If a student wants to transfer from one course to another, they have 3 days after registration to notify the school. An additional administrative fee of $200 will be charged as the registration process will need to be completed for entry into the new course. If a student has completed more than three assessments in the course or has not submitted a transfer request within one month of taking the course the transfer will not be permitted after that time. The IAC Registrar’s decision related to fee refunds and student transfers will be considered final.