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IAC recognizes that the combined efforts and talents of our students, teachers, support team and online capabilities is what makes our school successful. We are all life-long learners working towards developing a strong school focused on the best education for our students.

Synchronous Classes

Students, peers and teachers will meet for live classes to get the most from their learning experience.

Challenging Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on the Ontario’s Ministry of Education standards for OSSD courses and the College Board’s Advanced Placement Standards for AP courses to develop rigorous materials intended to challenge and motivate our students to their highest potential.

Placement by Ability

Students will be assessed upon entry into our school so they are matched to the program that meets their aptitude and desired career and education goals.

Student Support

Our team of teachers and admin staff are aware of each and every student’s academic and personal goals at the time of entry into our program. We will design personalized learning plans to help our students achieve their desired targets.

IAC: Your Online Brick and Mortar School

IAC offers the best of both worlds: an online platform and a dedicated home school. We want to reach all potential students and our online system allows us to connect to many students within a global context. Our office is equipped to meet the day to day requirements of running our school and meeting the needs of our students.

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IAC’s Successes

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“ Insight Academy of Canada prides itself on its dedicated students, teachers and staff. We recognize that it is only through a united community focused on a higher quality of education that we can truly meet the needs of our students so they can work towards a successful educational path leading to their designated careers. ”

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